Our mission: To help accounting and bookkeeping professionals meet challenges in a highly connected world and to equip them with resources for helping business owners compete, grow and prosper in this digital age where technology is changing the way business gets done. If the professional isn’t across these trends, how can they support their SMB clients to prosper?

Bookkeepers Hub offers comprehensive and authoritative resources for bookkeepers, tax agents and the businesses they serve and draws on its strong and extensive networks of industry and professional bodies, with oversight by our in-house Editorial Advisory Board. (More…)

Bookkeepers: a free listing will put you in front of thousands of SMEs. (More…)

Business owners: The HUB provides business owners with a searchable list of bookkeepers who have been pre-qualified as professionals. (More…)

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The Hub provides bookkeepers with the latest tools and guide to bookkeepers to enable them to enhance their careers and grow their bookkeeping businesses.

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Resources and searchable database for business means better business for bookkeepers.

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SMEs will find the bookkeeper for your needs. SME and business members can tap into articles to grow their profits.

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The THB member list is a comprehensive list of pre- qualified professionals and member practices across:

  • Bookkeeping professionals
  • BAS Agents
  • Accounting paraprofessionals
  • Vendors servicing the industry and SMEs

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Bookkeepers Forum

  • Today’s Enterprising Professional - What does an enterprising bookkeeping and accounting professional look like today? Busy? Multitasking? Yes. But more important is that they are customer-focused. Intuitively we all know what this means; at a more pragmatic level it means asking yourself some tough questions.

  • The Art of Winning Customers - As any business owner can tell you, acquiring new customers is the driving force behind successfully growing a business. The same applies to financial services firms. But with the right skills and the resources it does not have to be a bridge too far.

  • Work & Travel: Take care of business no matter where you are - We always hear stories of bookkeepers and accountants who are able to leave the country for months at a time, while maintaining their workload, and working with clients as if they are still in the office. Their peers and colleagues can never grasp the idea of travelling and working, and are always a little sceptical, but more so, really jealous.

  • Bookkeepers: How can you sell your time? - When was the last time a business owner asked you: "Can I buy your time?" Bookkeeping clients may pay for your time, indeed they may ask what your time is worth, but what they really want is to know their books are up to date and, increasingly, need value added services.

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