Members of Editorial Advisory Board

The Bookkeepers Hub (TBH) Board of Advisors

As a membership hub and a publisher of content designed to benefit its professional members as well as its SME and business owner members and guests, TBH has invested in developing a dedicated Editorial Advisory Board. This will support our professional journalists and editorial staff

The Board will ensure that our content is both informative and curate to the best-of-breed journalistic writing standards and to ensure that we produce the most authoritative content available for professional bookkeepers and their valued business clients.

Members of the Board

John Feros
Director, FMC Accounting

John is a highly experienced accountant and contributor to the Forum of the Bookkeepers Hub. John’s commercial experience across professional accounting services and knowledge of the industry is profound and highly valuable to members and users of the Hub.

Morris Kaplan, B.E. Dip S.I.A; MBA

Morris brings a wealth of writing, business and publishing experience to the Hub. His experience with writing including extensive contribution to The Australian across business and finance brings a journalistic skill set to the Hub, ensuring the highest standards of journalism.

Debra Lewis, MBA FAICD
Chief Executive Officer
Bookkeeping Institute of Australia

Debra is author of starting a Bookkeeping Business in Australia and is CEO of the Registered Training Organisation, The Bookkeeping Institute of Australia, an RTO which has graduated more than 4,000 bookkeepers and BAS agents. Debra brings in-depth industry knowledge as well as content skills to the Hub and is a key driver in the direction of content for members. The Bookkeepers Institute of Australia is a founding sponsor of the Bookkeepers Hub of Australia.

Bookkeepers Forum

  • Today’s Enterprising Professional - What does an enterprising bookkeeping and accounting professional look like today? Busy? Multitasking? Yes. But more important is that they are customer-focused. Intuitively we all know what this means; at a more pragmatic level it means asking yourself some tough questions.

  • The Art of Winning Customers - As any business owner can tell you, acquiring new customers is the driving force behind successfully growing a business. The same applies to financial services firms. But with the right skills and the resources it does not have to be a bridge too far.

  • Work & Travel: Take care of business no matter where you are - We always hear stories of bookkeepers and accountants who are able to leave the country for months at a time, while maintaining their workload, and working with clients as if they are still in the office. Their peers and colleagues can never grasp the idea of travelling and working, and are always a little sceptical, but more so, really jealous.

  • Bookkeepers: How can you sell your time? - When was the last time a business owner asked you: "Can I buy your time?" Bookkeeping clients may pay for your time, indeed they may ask what your time is worth, but what they really want is to know their books are up to date and, increasingly, need value added services.