Bookkeepers Toolkit

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Add value to your clients. Raise your profile. Improve your skills and make your bookkeeping practice thrive.

Improve your skills

Our most popular resources are:

  • Six Steps to Six Figures, the eBook. Why limit your potential with self-limiting habits? Developed by our Editorial Board
  • Podcasts. Tune in to our Influencer Series
  • Building a great profile for your firm. Download here
  • Jobs Board. Business is online looking for professionals. Use our search tool developed with Adzuna (a Fairfax partner).TBJ_banner_red
  • How to win a new client. New to the industry? Not getting referrals from accountants? Check out our guide. pdf-icon

Small Business Guides

If you are seeking to grow your practice then you need the business tools to grow your business and your income. Warning! Our guide are for the business-minded bookkeeper.

  • Working with your client’s life cycle (and why it matters to the trusted advisor) pdf-icon
  • Anatomy of a business failure. Learn about the key warning signs pdf-icon
  • Managing the books. Position your service to suit the customer pdf-icon
  • Position or die. The firm of the future will be a specialist in one or more areas. Our guide shows you how pdf-icon
  • Business health check. An essential lesson for the business-minded bookkeeper pdf-icon
  • Control your cash. A short guide to cash flow management for a SMB pdf-icon
  • Is your accountant or bookkeeper keeping up with you? Give this to your clients; they will thank you for it. pdf-icon
  • The bean-counters life: a horror story. Read and learn! pdf-icon
  • The perils of shoebox accounting. A guide to bringing the SMB to contemporary practices pdf-icon
  • When to hire a bookkeeper and not an accountant. Some great ideas to present to a prospective client pdf-icon
  • A business plan for a bookkeeping practice. A guide pdf-icon
  • Building a highly profitable bookkeeping business. Read how pdf-icon
  • Breaking the time-for-money barrier. Don’t limit you earnings; break free from this barrier pdf-icon
  • Head for the cloud. Read how and why pdf-icon
  • Google Places is the essential resource for the business-minded bookkeepers pdf-icon
  • New rules of marketing. Leverage technology to win new business. pdf-icon

Graphic for bookkeepershub Toolkit pages

Add value to your clients: Put your label on to these guides and raise your profile with the clients; and build an advisory revenue stream:

  • Building better bank relationships. It’s tough to loosen the purse strings of banks these days. Show your SMB clients how to do it pdf-icon
  • Credit control guide. Giving credit to customers: the defintive guide pdf-icon
  • Business Health check. Brand this as your own guide (ask us how) pdf-icon
  • Control your cash. Some easy steps for a SMB to follow pdf-icon
  • Debt recovery. It’s the bane of small business – slow payers, bad payers, non payers.
    Help your clients lift their game! pdf-icon

Bookkeepers Toolkit: Additional resources

  • Agreement/Letter of Engagement pdf-icon
  • Fee & price Guidance pdf-icon
  • Code of professional conduct pdf-icon
  • Bookkeeping Business Plan pdf-icon
    • Policies & Procedures pdf-icon
    • Daily Bookkeeping Activities pdf-icon
    • Legislative, statutory and industry requirements pdf-icon
    • Quality Assurance pdf-icon
    • Tax Agent Services Act 2009 pdf-icon
    • Training and Development pdf-icon
  • Website guidance
    • Website Terms & Conditions pdf-icon
    • Website Privacy Policy pdf-icon
    • Website FAQ page pdf-icon

Resources supplied by our alliance partners:

Debt collecting support for your SME clients from Prushka: Preferential rates are provided to TBH/BIA members and to their clients. Registration as a Prushka partner can be effected through is no commission payable unless the debt is ultimately referred to Prushka for in-house collection

  • Business Trading Terms pdf-icon

Resources supplied by our industry partners:

  • Professional indemnity insurance is not an option for accountants or bookkeepers; it’s a must have. Fenton Green, brokers, have the optimal product for you. Protect your business whilst meeting your professional indemnity requirements, all at competitive rates, from only $220. Find out more here
  • Creditor check for SMEs by Creditor Watch. Avoid creditor risk by subscribing to this service
  • Make time sheets a thing of the past with tsheets. Ideal for your clients with trades and services. Check out the offer from this innovative group
  • LoanWize can help with equipment and vehicle finance for SMBs. Download brochure here
  • SAP Business One and partner Key Business Solutions which specialise in working with bookkeepers and their customers to implement and adapt SAP Business One to their unique needs. Information sheet here

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