Effective Cash Flow Management for Small Business

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Effective Cash Flow Management for Small Business

Course Description

You would have heard the expression “cash is king.” In small business, cash is oxygen. Without it, the business will not survive. It is its very lifeblood. This course is for bookkeepers who want to make a difference to their client’s business in establishing sound and effective cash flow management practices.

For small business to grow and prosper, cash must be forecast, monitored, and, ideally, enhanced. Indeed, cash flow management in small business is more important than profitability. A capability to introduce effective cash flow management is a revenue generator for the contemporary, business minded bookkeeper or accounting technician.

The course, delivered in seven discrete modules, introduces and demonstrates potentially highly profitable bookkeeping applications and corresponding practice management, marketing, selling, performing, and billing and collecting bookkeeping service processes. It is our view that maximum learning benefit arises from spacing the sessions in order for you to both absorb and implement some of the ideas and processes in the content.

Learning Objectives

Completion of this course will enable you to:

  • Understand all aspects of the cash cycle and the cash flows
  • Be competent to communicate cash flow issues, reports to a business client
  • Increased awareness of business challenges facing a business owner-manager
  • Recognise and deliver value-added services in relation to cash flow management
  • Retain clients
  • Increase client billings and referrals


Session 1 – Understanding Cash Flow and Overview:
This session provides learner with an overview of cash management from the perspective of the cash cycle of a business.

Session 2 – Accounts Receivable; Accounts Payable:
a Primer to enable a learner to relate standard bookkeeping services with A/R and A/P with the cash flow management of the business

Session 3 – The Collection Imperative: Debtor Reports.
This session offers the learner a direct methodology for instigating a management tool to improve the cash flow of the business,

Session 4 – Debtor Reduction.
This lesson provides the leaner with insights into effective debtor management and a capacity to source practical tools

Session 5 – The Cash Flow Cycle.
This lesson focusses on a theoretical framework that can lead to a better understanding of the earlier sessions.

Session 6 – Worst Cash Flow Mistakes.
This session provides the learner with samples and case studies to better understand risks that a finance professional can recognise

Session 7 – Billing Your Cash Flow Management Services.
This lesson enable the learner to monetise their knowledge of cash flow management in their client enagagement.

This session teaches you how to deliver value-adding and effective cash flow management for small business clients and increase client billings and referrals. The session presents and demonstrates client service strategies and tools.

Course Level

Prerequisite/Advance Preparation

Delivery Method
Internet-based, self-study

Recommended CPE Credit