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Control Your Cash

What is more important to a small to medium sized business today than cash flow management and credit control. Read how these are inexorably linked and how this essential guide will improve the bottom line. More


Anatomy of a Business Failure

There are lessons to be learned from this important guide as many business failures are avoidable. Bookkeepers and accountants have a vital role and this guide provides advisors and business owners with practical information. More


Managing the Books

It is a fact of business life that many business owners do not pay attention to the key drivers of business profitability. The answer lies in the accounts: after all, accounting is the language of business and this essential guide is a great resource for business owners. More


Position or Die

An essential ingredient of marketing of an accounting or bookkeeping practice is positioning. Like good real estate a professional practice needs to have a unique proposition. This can be a special feature or service or it can be expertise. There’s much to learn from this guide. More


Business Health Check

Like the human body, a health check is essential for a business. Whether a business starting up and needing to establish its ‘dashboard’ or an established business, this guide is a useful tool for both advisors and business decision-makers. More


Build Better Bank Relationships

Gone are the days when a friendly bank manager was your best friend. Today it’s about up-to-date financials, good credit controls and a raft of boxes that need to be ticked before bank finance can be secured. Be the business owner’s best friend and adopt the principles spoused in this essential guide. More


Is your Accountant or Bookkeepers keeping up with you

There is more to accounting and bookkeeping than the books and BAS or tax returns. Business life can be challenging and exciting and disruptive forces guarantee that life as a bean counter is never dull. But continuous learning is no longer just an option. More


The Perils of Shoe-Box Accounting

It’s a useful metaphor to think of the receipts and dockets stuffed into a shoebox but for many business owners the desk-top spreadsheet can have the same implications. After all, if there is still paper around the business it still has to be recorded and filed away. There is a better way. More