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We at the Bookkeepers Hub are committed to supporting all our members – not just our professional bookkeepers and students and allied professionals but also our valued SMEs. You the SME owner are what keeps our professional members employed and growing their expertise. We do this by bringing resources to you which we know from our vast network of bookkeepers and of concern to you the business owner or entrepreneur. Here are some of our experts’ views:

Using your bookkeeper to increase profits
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The value of predictability

In a nutshell the use of accounting software, bookkeepers and accountants is about profitability. For sure bookkeeping and accounting costs can add up when you’re paying $70 or more an hour to a bookkeeper and two or three times that for an accountant to do the compliance returns for the business. But in a fast moving landscape a business owner needs to predict the business cycle and cash flow needs.
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A bookkeepers perspective

Are you good at playing defence? At any moment, everything can change. Yet in business, you really can’t play the game unless you have a core understanding of your financials and cash flow. Unfortunately, many small-business owners are so focused on their trade that they don’t give sufficient time or attention to their books.

And then the unexpected happens. Suddenly, you need those financial statements. Each week I get phone calls from business owners who are dealing with something new and want to look to a loan for help and need financial statements to support their loan applications.
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