In recent years we have seen a shift of focus within the bookkeeping and accounting industry. The words “cloud” and “virtual” have become buzz words, and more and more bookkeeping professionals have been looking to use technology as a way to make their firms more effective, and to get ahead of their competition. It is clear that the industry is turning online, as major influencers such as QuickBooks Online and Xero are focusing their attention on building their online platforms. This is why LedgerDocs was created – to give bookkeepers and accountants a tool that enables them to change the way they do business, and to help them streamline their bookkeeping and accounting process while offering clients a unique selling point.

Work on YOUR terms
Working with cloud applications gives bookkeepers and accountants an opportunity to work at any time, from anywhere. Online accounting applications such as QuickBooks Online and Xero, allow for users to access the application from any computer. This means bookkeepers can work from their office, from home, or even on vacation. When combined with document management applications such as LedgerDocs, users not only have their accounting file at the tip of their fingers, they also have all of the necessary documents ready to be processed.

Work with clients GLOBALLY
Although accounting principles differ across parts of the globe, bookkeeping, at its most basic level, is considered a universal language and holds similar ideologies no matter where the client is based. With that said, bookkeepers have a unique opportunity to capture a much larger audience by understanding these cloud-based tools.

The ability to have a client’s accounting file and documents at the tip of your fingers not only allows for bookkeepers and accountants to work on their terms, it also allows for them to work with clients who historically would be out of their geographical reach. Receiving documents digitally via via a platform such as LedgerDocs means there is no need to actually meet with the client, and no more shoeboxes of receipts being dropped off at the office. The use of cloud accounting applications also gives bookkeepers and accountants the opportunity to share access with clients who live in other regions, which allows for them to help with some of the more administrative tasks, print out reports, and view their financial data in real time.

Data when you need it
Having information when you need it is a breakthrough for bookkeepers and accountants. Whether it is financial reports, bank statements, or those pesky receipts that seem to always go missing, a cloud-based document management solution allows for bookkeepers and accountants to have all of their client’s documents in one user-friendly location. This allows for bookkeepers and accountants to work on their client’s accounting file with an appreciation that they have all of the necessary information.
Once the bookkeeping is complete, bookkeepers can share access with their clients and provide them with an insight into the work that has been completed. Online accounting applications such as QuickBooks Online and Xero are able to provide in-depth financial statements, account receivable reports, expense reports, and other important documentation outlining the status of the business, while providing insights into aspects of the business that need to be worked on.

The movement to online solutions is changing the way bookkeepers and accountants perform work, and is offering firms who are using these technologies a unique advantage that is helping them to get a step ahead of their competition. Not only can independent bookkeepers and bookkeeping firms increase their geographical reach, they can also streamline the bookkeeping and accounting process and work on client’s accounting files on their terms, no matter where they are located.
Original supplied by By Dene Paquin from LedgerDocs: