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The Business Owners Collective (‘BOC’) is Australia and New Zealand’s first alliance of bookkeepers who are also business owners with at least one employee.
Our mission is to:
‘Raise the bar’ in the profession in respect of business owners by providing leading edge business development training, coaching, webinars and workshops and our industry-first Benchmark Report exclusive for our members
Guidance services which could be called ‘customised business development’ or your very owner business development coach
Business Workshops (delivered online): Highly effective methodology; include your staff. From start-up right up to selling your business. Read more

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Unlocking your client’s needs

Moving beyond compliance is often a blind-spot for bookkeepers; the process of finding out what a client needs can be intimidating.

We help you to develop the skill sets needed to unlock your clients’ needs while also growing revenue for the business. Higher value advisory


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Achieving best practice

How do you know when your business is achieving best practice? Some firms do very well with a ratio of one bookkeeper servicing 10 clients; yet others can achieve double this.

We can assist with benchmark data for like businesses as well as an assessment of your practice management and an assurance of the right system being in place.


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Winning new business + more business

Climbing the value chain with existing clients and building a lead generation ‘machine’ for new clients are high on the agenda for most accounting and bookkeeping firms. Building a business that allows you some freedom requires external support (that’s a ‘best practice’ habit!). We have the experience and the track record to support you in your growth plan.


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Benchmark Report: Business Owner Survey 2016

We’re excited to share the results of this survey with you. Conducted in April, the survey offers fascinating insights in how successful bookkeeping owners are pushing the boundaries of fees, income, client/bookkeeping ratios, value-added services and more. Don’t miss this fascinating insight report.


The Business Owners Collective can be your business development team ‘in a package’. Read more
Membership benefits include:
Consistently generate new clients
Increase client billings through high value retention strategies
Expand your skills as business owner-leader
Business development skills training through direct coaching by our business mentors
There’s absolutely no risk in joining now as a subscriber-member for a 30-day trial. Access is open to ALL your staff. In exchange for your subscription, we’ll immediately send you the Benchmark Report. It’s sure to change the way you think about your business – forever.