Cold calling sucks. Let’s face it, as professionals we think it’s beneath us to pick up the phone and cold call a prospect. The alternative however is worse: waiting for the phone to ring or, even worse still, is the referred prospect whose first question is “What’s your hourly rate?” Yipes!

The answer is to get in front of clients and sell them services.

That is either a predicament or a habit that can (should) be learned. Most accountants and bookkeepers as well as lawyers are not cut out for landing new accounts. It’s not their strength or type to partake in the ‘thrill of the hunt.’ Most would rather continue doing the accounting and bookkeeping work and not deal with the sales aspect.

Old school methods of winning new clients

Speak to any sales or marketing person and they will inevitably say the fastest/easiest way to get in contact with new business was to just call.

There is plenty of psychology working against you when it comes to cold calling. But consider this: there are also plenty of business owners and individuals that desperately need your help.

Social media is no short cut

There is a broad-based major shift into social media as a way to get clients. The bottom line however is not so clear-cut. Social media is a great branding tool but as far as getting in front of a prospect to ‘close’ a sale, it takes so much time for so little in return.

Cold calling is the fastest way to meet and discuss potential deals with buyers. In marketing terminology social media is an ‘inbound’ method; when coupled with strong outbound efforts, it’s powerful.

Winning new clients

There is no great secret to success with clients – you need to understand their needs and frustrations.

The new paradigm in marketing accounting and bookkeeping services is having a portfolio of services you can show them (especially services that are recurring) and be ready to fit the service into what the client needs.

That’s what gets a prospect to close.