Living in Sydney’s older suburbs has its challenges, one of which is blocked sewerage pipes, the consequence of which should not be discussed over dinner. For the third time in eight months Peter the plumber was on the case at our terrace house (one of 12 in a row). Being at the bottom of the street means you are the first to suffer a sewer blockage. This is not a job for a spanner, Peter’s crew have the latest in technology – wireless connected camera to locate the blockage; high pressure equipment mounted in the work van with titanium bits of all shapes and sizes and a very efficient team in constant communication with base.

Peter showed up – we’re quite good ‘friends’ now after three visits – and in conversation it became obvious that Peter was no ordinary plumber. Not for him the broken cistern or quote for a new sink tap; no – Peter specialises in blocked sewerage services and had just commissioned his seventh truck.

He knew several years ago that increasing densification in inner Sydney combined with old sewer systems meant more blockages. Why bother with $85 jobs when you can specialise and get more $850 jobs than you can cope with?


Peter’s specialising requires investment: fitting out a new van with its specialised equipment is a $50k+ investment and maintenance of high resolution lenses and computerised gear is mind-numbingly expensive. But his business margins have exploded and he no longer works ‘on the tools.’

You may have already been aware that specialising your services will put you in a position to be more profitable, raise your rates and get better quality clients. In a digital economy specialising for professional service providers requires no capital investment; it’s as simple as writing keyword rich marketing material. Many bookkeepers already have worked on marketing to a very specific type of client. This will not be without some pitfalls along the way. The first being to invest time into building a marketing platform.

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