Sam Leon knows about selling. He cut his teeth in insurance and now runs an online magazine MANSAM. He says selling is the one skill that professionals such as bookkeepers and accountants are sorely lacking. He also says that most sales techniques don’t work. “No longer will a slick, psychologically crafted sales presentation work. People are now smarter than that. They are sick-and-tired of being telephoned from an overseas call-centre. They can pick a sales prospecting call immediately and the sales opening and sales closing lines and voice intonation are now universally recognised.”

“No, the old methods definitely do not work anymore”

So what does? “Honesty, integrity, genuine care and a desire to assist. Building relationships is paramount. A referral or introduction from a trusted associate is gold. Patience. Constant focus on purpose, belief in one’s product, service and self – in a modest way. Zero ‘pushiness’, total product knowledge and an understanding of preferred communication gateways. “Hard, constant work; meeting people, attending conferences and seminars, being current and constant and involved in social-media, contributing articles, offering to speak on a topic in which you have expertise. “Technology is there; available to assist you to market your services, sell your skills and prosper, but not do it for you. Only you alone can and must build the relationships, slowly, genuinely, that will result in your growth and the growth of your business. “As it has always been, it is all about people! We are people. Our digital devices don’t buy goods, services, ideas, concepts. Only humans do that, either as individuals or as groups. It’s people.” The sales ‘key’

It is people that buy. They buy you first. Then if you pass the test, they buy what you are “selling” – except you aren’t “selling” for you or for your business or your employer – your selling for one thing and one thing only – the client, your customer, for their benefit and their benefit only!  Never, ever forget that. “Think and act in harmony with your customer, offer to satisfy their business and professional needs, solve their problems with your skill set and expertise, be yourself – and you will exceed your expectations both in business and in life.”

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