Is the ‘ideal’ client a myth? Or can I really work towards building my practice on the goal of winning ideal clients? A firm built around ideal clients can really make a difference to your income; they are also people who you love to work with. These are smart, committed people who value and respect you.

First you need to define the ‘ideal’ client.

  • They are long-term clients with whom you can offer services beyond the next BAS statement or EOY accounts.
  • They enhance your bottom line; they pay more than the client that tries to discount your rate. They understand the value you offer and are willing to pay you more than average client will because they want the best.
  • Like a great teacher who inspires their students and gains great satisfaction form her work, working with ideal clients are the best to work with; both you and your clients will experience more fulfilment in working together.
  • By working long-term you will get to know and understand the needs of your clients much better. This leads to even more long-term work.How do you attract more ideal clients?Your marketing messages, your website and onboarding processes need to clearly communicate the message that you offer quality, professional service that adds value to the client. Perception is essential. Every impression you make should communicate: “I offer high quality services, pay attention to details, follow-up professionally and produce great results.”Successful firms invest in understanding their ideal client’s needs. It may appear counter-intuitive but asking a prospective client to fill out a questionnaire to let you know about their situation, goals and challenges is the way to understand a lot about each other before you even talk. This should lead to a complimentary session which really is a discovery session where you spend most of the time in that session, learning about them, about their business, what is working and what isn’t. Those clients who are willing to be part of this will become your ideal clients.
  • The whole point of marketing is to get the meeting with quality, potential clients.  The ideal client comes from a proposal; proposals come from meetings and meetings come from generating and nurturing leads.
  • To attract the ideal client, you need to design services that distinguish you from the pack. You need to put in the commitment, time and energy into developing services that will deliver MORE than the most basic compliance services.
  • When you charge more, you’ll feel that you are being valued for what you’re worth.; this will naturally flow to a desire to provide more than the basic service; you’ll give better service and make a bigger impact, without feeling you are being taken advantage of. When it comes time to get a testimonial or referral your ideal client will certainly accommodate a request.