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In an industry that is changing, transforming from compliance to a much wider, consultative role with their SME customers and clients, we view our role as being the essential resource for the future-minded bookkeeping professional. With our team of professional bookkeepers, accountants, experienced business owners, we’ve got the resources to help you.

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graphic-leaky-boat-80 Are You Sinking? - When technology hits an industry and disrupts existing business models there are winners and losers. Business operators who fail to respond will flounder; early adopters do well but the big winners are consumers – the buyers. Think Uber, where taxi fares and availability have improved. Now consumers (buyers) of accounting and bookkeeping services are too, exercising their buying power....

2011-12-12-00-20-19 Rock-star or Business Owner? - Building a profitable practice is the first objective for accounting and bookkeeping practitioners; the problem is many practitioners are not treating the practice as a ‘job’ and not a business that is bigger than themselves – even if they have ‘rock star’ status...

graphic-how-what-why Metrics that Matter - A small-business (and that includes the bookkeeping business) owner’s compensation is generally driven by the value she has created in her business. Yet about 40 percent of a bookkeeper’s time is spent doing non-billable work so she can only bill for 1,200 hours a year..

graphic-game-on Growing your income - Referrals are the primary way most accountants, bookkeepers and lawyers get new clients. The problem usually is that we have little control over when referrals come in. Most bookkeeping business owners start out the same way as most entrepreneurs: DIY’ing.; wasting daytime hours to struggle through building a website or doing far too much work that can’t be billed....

graphic-geek-at-work-cartoon-charcacter Become a Geek - We all know one – the person who is always first to try a new product or service. They can be both illuminating and annoying; they are the ones that tell you about Airbnb or Uber or the latest Apple product before you even knew of the product. Then are the early adopters; then there are the laggards...

graphic-bad-mistakes-and-regret-image-50 Building Your Business - Accounting and bookkeeping firms today have more to think about than the accounts or the books. Mostly their time is spent doing the technical work. When there are forces at work that are disruptive, business value is decimated. A bookkeeping business will, in the future, be worth only the amount of revenue that is recurring...

graphic-technology-savvy-test-vs-2 What Do Clients Want - What business owners want from their trusted advisors is very simple: for sure they want the compliance stuff done on time and accurately but what they really want is to run a more successful business. As the ‘first response’ trusted advisor the bookkeeper is well placed to offer support...

graphic-goldilocks-40 The Goldilocks Approach - Many bookkeeping firms still face an uphill battle when it comes to pricing their services. Indeed, in our survey of owners of bookkeeping firms conducted in April this year we found that 47 percent were yielding less than $60 an hour after allowing for scope creep...

graphic-duck-vs2-50 How’s your communications skill? - It's a standing joke that accountants and bookkeepers don't 'speak' the same language; but there's an even bigger problem that exists between the bookkeeper (the chicken) and the business owner (the little duck). .....

shutterstock_260831591 (1) What Do You Obsess About? - Let’s morph the question into ‘What is the difference between the owners of a bookkeeping business and a independent bookkeeper?’ You go into business in order to build a business bigger than yourself.....

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