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Forum: Expert Advice From Top Business Professionals
  • Graphic calculate_happiness_small Opportunity in Debt Collection - Never a favourite activity of business owners, collecting outstanding debts, increasingly, is a key factor in business survival. Getting paid on time is optimal, but far too many business owners allow themselves to be exposed to bad payers.

  • Graphic Elephant Is there an Elephant in the Room? - Who is the elephant in the room of accounting technicians and bookkeepers? It’s not the cloud-based accounting software suppliers who are aggressively marketing to all sectors of business (after all, it is the bookkeepers who can help make their products and services look good and deliver).

  • Graphic never_stop_learning Are you ready to be best in class? - Whether you’re a sole practitioner or running a business, there is always room to improve but can you realistically aspire to be best in class? ..

  • Graphic BOSS Your Digitisation Platform - Is there something we can learn from the banking sector? Yes! is the short answer and it’s all about digital engagement. Face-to-face banking relationship are a thing of the past for the majority of small businesses (SMBs)...

  • Graphic technology savvy test vs 2 The market has changed: have you? - The market has changed; it’s true. If you are struggling at the keyboard, overloaded, feeling under-valued, delivering a bookkeeping service with yesterday’s skills and tools, take a good look around: it’s not the marketplace it once was. Stuff has changed..

  • Graphic busy professional Today’s Enterprising Professional - What does an enterprising bookkeeping and accounting professional look like today? Busy? Multitasking? Yes. But more important is that they are customer-focused. Intuitively we all know what this means; at a more pragmatic level it means asking yourself some tough questions.

  • 2_Featured-vendor_web HOME Niche is the New Black - You know which clients you want to service but are ALL your clients worth serving? It makes a lot of sense in professional firms and business to keep your clients and to create ‘lifetime’ clients. But it may pay to narrow your target market or niche.

  • Graphic Tipping Point shutterstock_110308856 Are We At a Tipping Point? - We’re on the cusp of a revolution the likes of which we have never seen before. There will be jobs that disappear; there will also be new jobs and new ways of doing business. Consider the big new names in business that didn’t even exist 15 years ago.

  • Lazy Businesswoman or Student with headphones at a busy office desk. The Art of Winning Customers - As any business owner can tell you, acquiring new customers is the driving force behind successfully growing a business. The same applies to financial services firms. But with the right skills and the resources it does not have to be a bridge too far.

  • Graphic Success pyramid RESIZED Like a Man With a Fork in a World of Soup - That’s the famous quote by Oasis songwriter Noel Gallagher which could well describe a future bookkeeper without the skills for a ‘new’ future. Beneath all the hype about robots and technology is the fundamental question: how is your financial literacy? Is it good enough to navigate through unchartered waters.

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