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Whether you’re a sole practitioner, running a bookkeeping business, or beginning a career in Bookkeeping, the BookkkepersHub supports you with personal, professional and business development opportunities. Our mission is to advance common goals, inspire standards in the profession, in particular for bookkeeping business owners who have added challenges, as well as supporting individual bookkeepers with their own goals.

In an industry that is changing, transforming from compliance to a much wider, consultative role with their SME customers and clients, we view our role as being the essential resource for the future-minded bookkeeping professional. With our team of professional bookkeepers, accountants, experienced business owners, we’ve got the resources to help you.

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‘Instant access to all the jobs in your category! Our partnership with specialist search engine Adzuna enables us to offer our members the exclusive access to ads from hundreds of job websites across Australia.
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Take your bookkeeping business to new heights with our comprehensive guide to building a highly profitable business.
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Create a winning profile; connect with business owners looking for you, through our Jobs Board; expand your business, grow your income.
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Graphic automation wind up man4 cropped The Most Lucrative Profession - It may come as a surprise to many struggling bookkeeping firm owners that accounting and bookkeeping are the top money-money makers when compared to legal services and many other service firms....

Graphic busy professional Adding value to your customers - Looking for an opportunity to add value to your small business customers? Interested in expanding your services? We’re pleased to announce a strategic alliance with Key Business Solutions, one of SAP Business One partners...

Graphic DISRUPTION INDEX 50% The Disruption Index - The Disruption Index tracks change in the bookkeeping services sector, and the broader accounting eco system of suppliers, vendors and app developers. Accounting and bookkeeping services are undergoing disruptive change thanks to a rapid adoption by small business customers of digital solutions..

Graphic technology savvy test vs 2 Be the Puppeteer not the Puppet - Real estate agents are quick to cite the “3 P’s” that govern property investment: “Position, Position, Position!’ When all is said and done it’s what counts in property investing..

Graphic Building trust Pyramid 50% Do Bean Counters Matter - Picture a simple pyramid of stages that professional services firms – accounting, bookkeeping, law – and the advisors within their ranks must achieve to attain the status of a new trusted advisor...?..

Graphic Sweet Spot 40% Discover Your Firm’s Sweet Spot - Service providers, whether they be accountants, bookkeepers or lawyers know the impact bad clients have on their team and their costs. And, although the problem clients are widely known, their actual impact is not quantified. Chances are those who are taking up all your time do not like paying your fees...?..

Graphic Plumber vs1 443pxl height The Myth of a Market Price - The law firms do it, accounting firms do it and so do bookkeepers: they each determine what they consider to be the going rate, the “market price” for the service they are delivering and either match it or discount it. But there is an underlying fallacy in this method; that a market price exists at all for a service..

Graphic image1  ipad cartton character (6) How much do you pay for petrol? - When you need petrol where do you go? Despite TV ads promising lower emissions or whatever, chances are you will still buy at the station with the cheapest petrol prices, assuming the station is close at hand when you see a need..?..

Graphic small business snapshot Leaving Money on the Table - Two big things would prompt SMB owners to dump their accountant or bookkeeper and to change firms: poor service and lack of value for money. No surprises here; price and quality don’t really need to be a trade-off.?..

Locked wallet with chain and padlock save money concept How much to spend on marketing? - The accounting and bookkeeping industry has come a long way and shown just how willing a group, that is perhaps better known as conservative and quite old-school, can really embrace change and technology. But marketing remains a foreign land for many bookkeeping firms?..

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