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Settling for inadequate income - Being self-employed either as a practitioner or business owner can be trap. Believing that your professional skills are sufficient to earn an adequate income is a dangerous position because it takes more than technical skills to ensure a good income going forward?....

Walking into the unknown - No business owner publicly celebrates the virtues of balancing the books, meeting the obligations of GST, tax and a myriad of other compliance issues. It’s always an uphill struggle for the accounting or bookkeeping professional to elevate their status in the eyes of the client....

The Elephant in the room - Australian retailers are accelerating their online strategies as Amazon plans its assault on the local retail market. Speak to any retailer and they will tell you that their online sales and offline sales trend lines are going in opposite directions...

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Make Your Firm More Valuable - Are you taking action to make your firm more valuable? And, does it matter anyway? Look for example, at what is happening in the accounting sector: the value of a firm is directly related to the degree to which the firm has adopted technology. Technology may well be a cost but it is really an investment in the future value of your firm...

Discovering Your Mojo - In his talk at the recent Sydney Writers Festival, Thomas Friedman, the Pulitzer Prize-winning author and New York Times columnist, spoke about mindsets and the skills needed in order for people to have successful careers. One essential skill identified is a capacity to think like an entrepreneur...

The Over-Educated Barista - Many over-educated people are working as baristas because their dream jobs are being automated. Experienced accounting and bookkeeping professionals need to be alert but not alarmed – yet! Proactive responses, such as upskilling, are available to anyone but threats such as technology disruption need practical and timely activity..

Defend Your Income! - The ‘silver bullet’ for any professional services firm is a regular flow of leads. Few accounting and bookkeeping firms take an ‘active’ role in generating leads; most rely on referrals and organic clientele coming through the door. Unfortunately this is a passive role.

Can We Talk About Finance? - Business owners hate the ‘paperwork’ of the business; increasingly software solutions, especially SAAS platforms, are cutting a swathe through the paperwork of SMBs. No software solution, however, can address the individual business owner’s challenges especially when it comes to business finance; managing cash flow, financing inventory, maintaining margins)... .
Lessons From a Dog Walker - In Sydney’s trendy Paddington the cost of walking your dog is $15 for a half-hour walk (inexplicably, $17.50 for a German Shephard). One particular dog walker manages to walk up to five dogs at a time (I am puzzled as to how she collects their droppings)...
Are You in the Gig Economy? - Work as we know it, is changing. Think about the gig economy – the on-demand, mobile workforce leveraged by the likes of Uber – which is attracting armies of ‘workers’. For many it’s a dream job: when you want to work, you simply turn on your smartphone, accept the jobs you want and ignore the ones you don’t..
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