There’s more to keeping the books than recording receipts and reconciling accounts in the keeping of the books, yet bookkeepers keep their skills to be strategic mainly on the back-burner. Strategic bookkeepers are constantly think about ways to help their clients save money and maximise profits, which can then free business owners from so many valuable time constrains that the typical business owner experiences.  At the very least facilitation on the the business to be free from as many constraints as is possible will free them to discover game-changing problems solving. When the accounting technician puts on the hat of being a strategic bookkeeper then so too does the business benefit from the freedom to discover solutions to such changes as cash flow constraints and the mobilisation of resources to pursue new (or better) opportunities. Even a single decision presented by the strategic bookkeeper can translate to thousands of dollars which, in most business, translates to bottom line profitability. For more (eGuide) click here